Brief Introduction: Nirei

Welcome to this our humble blog.
We are a couple of guys from Spain who happen to like pretty weird music, and since we were not too happy to see you can't really find many specialized websites or magazines reviewing our kind of music we've decided to start our own music reviews blog.

That's what you're reading right now.

On this blog we'll be making some noise about some forgotten bands and some that are simply not enough well-known. Kind of stormy, atmospheric, somewhat depressive and noisy but melodic stuff... You'll soon find out what I'm talking about. ; )

Also, I gotta say my English has gotten kind of rusty on the last three years, but I can take it if anyone is willing to correct any misspell or nonsense I write down. :3

And so, that's pretty much about it for now.

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  1. Your English is just fine - keep up the good work!