Brief Introduction: BatchDrake

Live long and prosper, guys.

Because Nirei said most of what this blog is all about, I'll talk a little about me.

As Nirei, I'm a Spaniard willing to write about awesome music. Yep, I say awesome music because I consider our musical spectrum wide enough to describe it in terms of how awesome it is instead of styles and stuff. The text subtitling our blog name may be confusing, but the truth is we will talk about neat tunes, whatever they are, whoever composes them and whenever they were brought to the world.

Nirei may bitch about his English but I have to admit I'm not better than him - the only time I had the chance to speak English it was pretty lame - so you can expect the most grotesque and systematic rapes against grammar from me. Don't feel awkward if you want to correct us. We'd really appreciate it!