Long Distance Calling

Hey guys, what's up? Have you read Batch's first review?

Well, let's get on to business, I'm going to talk a little about this great band called "Long Distance Calling". I have to give credit to my dear friend Jackie M. for this one since it was her who introduced me to the great awesomeness of this band.

Long Distance Calling (LDC from now on, sorry for those of you who hate abbreviation) is an instrumental rock band from Germany featuring two guitars, a bass, drums and some guy messing with a synth. They are different to other bands of the scene in, I'd say, two important aspects:
They are instrumental. Mostly no voice, no lyrics although they have some collaborations...
They don't have have complexity as a goal, but as a tool. Their songs don't include awesome 17/8 breaks or incredibly complex harmonies, instead they tend to add up sounds, ambients, riffs and synths to create some 'reachable' atmosphere, to get you underwater or make you feel like flying on complete darkness.

Sorry for getting poetic, let's hear some examples of what this guys are about:

That's the official videoclip for the song and also their very first one. It's, as usual, a relatively long song and it takes some time to get itself started...
The song plays with sounds, switch from acoustic to electric and go from completely peaceful sections to absolute distorted riff-madness.
By the way, that would be LDC's first long album, from 2007.

Another sound I'd like you to hear is...

...this one. By the way, I hope you are not listening to this in your laptop. Laptop speakers usually cut low frequencies so you'd be missing out on the incredible bass...

I promise I'll review something with some more rythm next time. 'til then, enjoy.

: 3